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Flu Season and Essential Oils

by Elizabeth Patrick September 17, 2019

Flu Season and Essential Oils

Using Essential Oils During Flu Season

Summer is ending and the dreaded flu season is quickly approaching. As one who is a planner and likes to be prepared, I always stock my medicine cabinet before fall.  The last thing you want to do is run out to a drug store when you or a family member comes down with flu-like symptoms. Many studies are now being done to prove essential oils' ability to alleviate symptoms and fight the severity of a cold or flu.  Below I will discuss which of our oils are best to use and what to have stocked in YOUR medicine cabinet, should you happen to come down with the awful flu this season.



Many people are interested in a more natural approach to treating diseases and symptoms that come with them. As opposed to taking over the counter, or even prescription drugs, that have a mile-long list of potential side effects and risks for taking the medication.  Most essential oils are said to be safe in certain concentrations by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Though most people try essential oils on their own, it is always a good idea to get advice from an alternative healthcare practitioner or aromatherapist first.  

We have found the best essential oils with antiviral properties and provide symptom relief and conveniently bottled it up just for you!  

Breathe Again

Are you experiencing itchy eyes, sinus congestion, or headaches?  The only thing you want to do when these symptoms hit you is tobreathe againThe oils in our blend work like a team of superheroes to help battle symptoms caused by the flu.  

Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil

A staple for any essential oil user,Eucalyptus globulus is the species name known more commonly as Eucalyptus Oil or Blue Gum Oil. This variety is this popular and commonly used oil for the respiratory system and sore muscles. It has a strong, pungent scent and powerful antiseptic ability that helps fight bad bacteria in the upper respiratory system.

Eucalyptus has long been used to stop the spread of pathogens. Early Aborigines used Eucalyptus medicinally for centuries, and British immigrants/convicts arriving in Australia noticed the astringent properties of dried Eucalyptus tree resin and used it to stop the spread of deadly dysentery.

In addition, its widespread use for respiratory function and health, Eucalyptus globulus is frequently used by athletes in muscle rubs and ointments, as it displays analgesic properties and has cooling, stimulating sensations. 

Soothe mucous membranes by sniffing a cotton ball with one drop of oil. Mix with The Oil Diffusery JojobaOil for a chest rub when congested. It may thin mucus more effectively when you combine Eucalyptus with steam—a hot shower or warm humidifier will do the trick, just make sure you drink lots of fluids. 

 Affordable and time-tested,Eucalyptus is an essential oil you can afford to buy in bulk or multiples, especially during flu and cold season! 

How to use

Essential oils are typically used in 2 ways.  First, used with a topical application to the skin.  This should always be done with a carrier oil. This is done simply by mixing the essential oil with either nut oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil.  They can be mixed into whatever bath products or lotions you currently have, or simply massage into any given area with just the carrier oil. Second, through inhalation.  This is often done using and essential oil room or auto diffuser. Or one could simply place the oils in hot water. The steam from the hot water helps the essential oils lift into the air for you to breathe in.  

Whether you or your family members have been hit with allergies, the common cold, or even the flu, these oils can help you feel like yourself again.  Be sure to purchase and have them ready! You will not regret it!

Elizabeth Patrick
Elizabeth Patrick


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