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How to Use Essential Oils

by Elizabeth Patrick March 03, 2020

When first discovering essential oils, you feel a natural sense of excitement to see how they can help you feel better.

But you may not yet be familiar with how to use them.

These are our 5 favorite ways to use essential oils:

1 - With an Ultrasonic Diffuser. In this case you would fill your diffuser's container with the designated amount of water, and then add a few drops of your desired oils.

2 - Direct Inhallation. Yes, sometimes when feeling stressed, simply opening a bottle of lavender and inhaling is all it takes to get your desired result.

3 - Dry Evaporation. Here you place a few drops of oil on a material like the pads inside Diffuser Jewelry, and inhale from there.

4 - Topically. Massage anyone? Dilute your oils with a Carrier Oil (like Jojoba, Almond, Argan or FCO), and then rub into your desired location. Pre Made Roll On Bottles should already be diluted, and some blends may be pre-diluted as well, but make sure to check before applying directly to your skin. Also, test a small amount on your skin at first in case you have allergies you weren't previously aware of. Better to be safe than sorry!

5 - Bath Time. Add of a few drops of oil that you've mixed with a carrier oil to your bathwater and/or or wash cloth, and enjoy the resulting bliss!

These are our proven-to-satisfy favorites. 

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Elizabeth Patrick
Elizabeth Patrick