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The Benefits of Using Essential Oils Daily

by Elizabeth Patrick August 30, 2019

The Benefits of Using Essential Oils Daily

While essential oils are used primarily to treat occasional health issues, they can be used daily to support optimal health.



The research on how often one may use essential oils is never-ending. The specific health benefits of regular essential oil usage has been both clinically and anecdotally demonstrated. Scientific reviews and studies have verified the safety and efficiency through appropriate doses of essential oils.  

Here are some things to keep in mind when incorporating essential oils in your daily life.



Effectiveness is what we are striving for--the lower the price, the lower the quality. If you buy low-end oils, you will not only be missing out on the full effects of our oils but also increase your risk of sensitivity and negative reactions. Avoid low-quality, altered, or synthetic essential oils, and go for the potent, pure oil.





When using quality essential oils, remember that a little bit goes a long way. Too much of anything isn't healthy for your body so don't use more than a few drops at a time for any use.



Experiment! Changing up your oils can be beneficial to your body. Look up the many ways to use individual essential oils and discover which ones work best for you.



Dilution is often necessary, especially when using "hot oils" like phenols and aldehydes. Dilution is also a method used to increase the surface area of the oil while slowing down absorption, preventing any possible sensitivities. 



Both young children and the elderly typically have more delicate and sensitive skin. Appropriate precautions, such as dilution or substituting strong oils for ones not as potent, are simple changes that can still benefit those in these age groups.


There you have your basic applications for daily use of essential oils. Hopefully, your positive experiences will inspire you to discover different ways to incorporate them in your life.

Elizabeth Patrick
Elizabeth Patrick


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